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Bedroom Sets

We carry a number of gorgeous bedroom sets that include products such as beds, chests, dressers, mirrors, and nightstands. Start shopping our attractive and modern bedroom sets today!

Best Selling Bedroom Sets

Start shopping for the best bedroom set products today! Check out our featured collection of bedroom furniture:

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Bedroom Furniture

Alice High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes
2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Emma High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Harper High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Laura High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Lily High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Natalie High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Nina High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Olivia High End Bedroom Set

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Sofia High End Bedroom Set


Why Choose Dani's Bedroom Sets?

We offer a wide range of bedroom sets to suit every taste and budget. Our bedroom sets are composed of quality, stylish, and functional furniture pieces. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect bedroom-sets at affordable prices! With our team of experts, we will work with you to find the perfect set for your needs.

Our warehouse is home to everything you need to design a comfortable and attractive bedroom, including beds, chests, dressers, mirrors, and nightstands. Browse our selection of modern bedroom sets. If you have any questions for us about our products or services, then we invite you to contact us at (506) 897-1577.

Our Bedroom Set Delivery & Assembly Services

To make sure that you receive your new bedroom set as quickly as possible, we also provide reliable delivery and furniture assembly services, across Fredericton, Moncton or Saint John. With Dani’s Furniture, buying any bedroom set is easy and enjoyable!

Bedroom Sets Fredericton

Bedroom Sets Moncton

Bedroom Sets Saint John

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your bedroom sets?
Our bedroom sets include a variety of quality furniture items to make your bedroom feel modern, lively, and beautiful. Each set comes with 6 premium furniture pieces, each in a uniform style of your choice. Each set includes a:
  • Bed - One of our staple products, Dani’s Furniture sports a variety of amazing beds to make your modern bedroom pop. They are durable, made of luxury woods and fabrics while remaining affordable and practical. All of our bedroom sets come with either a king or queen-sized bed, depending on your preference. For individual beds without a matching furniture set, click here!
  • Chest - Perfect for storing clothes, personal items, or valuables, this chest is a great way to make your beautiful bedroom functional too.
  • Dresser - A spacious dresser, finished with the same gorgeous colouring as your bedroom set. 
  • Mirror - Each set comes with a large stylized mirror, coloured and shaped to match the set of your choice.
  • x2 Night Stands - We give you two night stands for either side of your bed, or anywhere else you need.
Is it economical to buy a bedroom set?
Yes! Our bedroom sets are priced so you’re saving money compared to buying each piece individually. Buying the matching set is a great way to make a room feel whole, and professionally designed too. Instead of seeking out random pieces of furniture from a dozen stores, ensure you have a properly stylized and finished set of furniture all in one convenient place. We have a wide variety of bedroom furniture sets to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your needs. And if you’re looking for a furniture set that is designed specifically for small spaces, we have those too! We understand that not everyone has the same needs, which is why we carry such a wide range of furniture sets.
How do I choose the right bedroom set for me?
Here are some tips on choosing the best bedroom furniture set for your home:
  1. Inspect the room your furniture will be in - understand the measurements if you want to know exactly where the furniture should go. If the furniture is going in a bedroom, make sure that there's enough room for furniture and traffic flow. Take into account the height of furniture as well!
  2. When choosing a color scheme - Think about what colors complement your décor and /or furniture already in the room – using too many bright colors can create a cluttered look so keep it simple with two complementary shades. Choose natural-looking furniture for a relaxing effect or darker pieces to make a powerful statement.
  3. Understand the aesthetic of your home - To achieve that truly modern look, you need to understand how your furniture works with the rest of your home. If you see a colour or shade that would go well with the walls of your home, go with that one!
Are your bedroom sets good for modern houses?
Yes! Our furniture sets are great for modern homes due to their efficient designs, solid colour schemes, and rich aesthetics. Using Dani’s Furniture’s bedroom sets, you can achieve a luxurious and modern feel to your home while getting the benefit of our amazing prices. It’s easy to achieve a cohesive atmosphere in your modern home when you buy a full set of furniture, all in one convenient and affordable place. Our bedroom sets are great for modern houses because they are made with sleek lines and contemporary designs. Any accents we have on our pieces are light and don’t detract from the minimalist aesthetic that is so prominent in modern furniture. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom furniture, our sets are a great option.
Where can I find the dimensions of your furniture?
All of our dimensions are available here on our website! Under each product you can find dimensions, materials, additional features, specifications, and more. It’s important to understand how your furniture will fit into your home. At Dani’s Furniture, we want what works best for you, so we encourage you to talk to one of our service representatives to make sure your furniture fits the space you’re buying it for. If you have any questions regarding your furniture, we recommend you call one of our furniture experts at (506) 897-1577.
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