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Get the best sleep of your life with any of the mattresses that we have available at Dani’s Furniture. All of our mattresses come in multiple sizes so you are sure to find the right one for you.

Best Selling Mattresses

Start shopping for the best bedroom products today! Below are some of the top mattresses from our collection to start enjoying your sweet dreams:

4 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Amenity Euro Top

3 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Comfort Plus Mattress

3 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Deluxe Spring Mattress

2 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Foam Mattress

4 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Morning Glory Mattress

3 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Nicole Euro Top Mattress

4 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Orthopedic Care

3 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Royal Supreme Mattress

3 Sizes

Bedroom Furniture

Victoria Mattress


Why Choose Dani's Mattress Store?

It is important to have a good mattress because you use it every day. Proper posture and a good night's rest depend upon a good mattress. We take pride in offering the best mattresses available. You will be able to sleep comfortably for hours on our mattresses, so you will feel refreshed when you wake up.

We offer single, queen, king, and double sized mattresses.

Dani's Furniture is committed to giving you the highest quality mattresses so you can sleep well and take care of your body. We have earned a great reputation for providing premium quality mattresses and all other bedroom furniture that customers might need in their homes. We cherish the close relationship we have built with our customers and strive to offer the best products and customer services.

Our Mattress Delivery Services

Shipping is one of the important steps of buying furniture, including a mattress. With Dani’s Furniture, you can rest assured that your mattress will arrive safely and efficiently. No matter where you are located in Fredericton, Moncton or Saint John, you can enjoy our fast delivery service.

Mattress Store Fredericton

Mattress Store Moncton

Mattress Store Saint John

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of mattresses do you offer?
Dani’s furniture mattresses are created with you in mind. With many different types of beds available to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the perfect one for your lifestyle and budget. We offer great mattress deals that go great on our unique furniture beds- our products don't just look good, but feel good too. Dani's furniture makes an excellent furniture mattress plan for any household looking for great deals on furniture beds that also provide great sleep quality.We have a wide variety of mattresses available, including spring, foam, back support, and cotton and more. All of our mattresses are high quality and provide you with the support you need to get a good night’s rest. With high-tempered coils and soft, silky fabrics, you can get the rest you deserve fast. We have mattresses in a variety of sizes, including king, queen, single, and double. Our mattresses are great because while they come at a fraction of the price you would pay at a traditional furniture store, they are also extremely high in quality and durability. And with our variety of mattress options, you can choose the firmness that’s best for you.If you’re looking for a great deal on a new mattress, be sure to check out Dani’s Furniture today! We have something for everyone, and our prices simply can’t be beat. Come see us today and find the perfect mattress for your needs.
What kind of mattress is best?
That depends on your needs! If you’re looking for a classic, reliable mattress that is proven to be the best fit for the average sleeper, our Classic Spring Mattresses are probably your best bet! Need a little bit of extra comfort to get proper rest? Perhaps our Comfort Plus Mattresses could help you out. Our most economical option for double or single beds is our Foam Mattress, which can be reversed for longer durability. Our Rest Easy and Royal Supreme mattresses feature a high coil count and comfort upholstery to ensure that you get proper lumbar support throughout your sleep. We would highly recommend you talk to one of our customer service representatives at (506) 897-1577 to get a detailed recommendation on what mattress is best for you! Just know that no matter what, mattresses from Dani’s Furniture have the best, most affordable, and comfortable option for you!
How often do you need to buy a new mattress?
On average a person should replace their mattress every 6 to 8 years. While this is a general guideline, it’s a good baseline to ensure that you have a plump, comfortable mattress waiting for you each day. Some signs you may need a new mattress include sagging, noise, smells, pains, discomfort, or difficulty sleeping. Why deal with any of that when you can get a brand new, comfortable, and clean mattress from Dani’s Furniture today? Maintain your body and your mind with a proper mattress from us. 
Do I need to buy a specific type of mattress for my bed?
There are several factors that influence what kind of mattress you should purchase. The best place to start is the size, as yes, certain beds require a specifically sized mattress. It’s simple: king-sized mattresses go with king-sized beds, queens with queens, etc. In terms of qualities your mattress has, there are no rules or requirements to make sure it fits your bed; it is completely your preference! 

Top Tips To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Buying a new mattress or replacing an old one can often be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from. With so many quality mattresses out there, how do you know which one is right for you? 

Mattresses are an important long-term investment and are crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. You want to start your morning as well as possible with a comfortable mattress that will guarantee you good sleep- the quality of your rest can set the tone for your entire day! 

Tips When Buying A Mattress

To make the task easier for you, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate through the various categories and questions that come up when choosing the right mattress. Let’s take a look at some important things to consider when deciding on which mattress to invest in, for example:

  • What is the right level of firmness for you?
  • What kind of sleeper are you? (Side, back, stomach or combo?)
  • Are you a hot sleeper or a cool sleeper?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty of other elements to consider, like material! There are a variety of options when looking at mattress materials: spring and foam are the most common ones. While springs are widely available and affordable, foam and gel options often come with comfortable features and more back support.

After considering what kind of material you’d like your mattress made of, you should consider what kind of sleeper you are. It is very important to choose a mattress that will best suit the type of position you enjoy sleeping in. 

You’ll likely discover that you’re either a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or a combination of the three.


What kind of sleeper are you?

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper you’ll definitely want to lean towards a mattress that is in between soft and firm. Medium feel mattresses will help support your back and enable your spine to stay aligned in a healthy position. Most types of mattresses tend to be comfortable for back sleepers but it’s definitely a good idea to do a test by trying it out in store for at least 10 minutes. Take a few minutes, kick back and lie down to make sure you’re happy with your mattress! 

Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, a mattress that will support your body weight while still conforming to your form is ideal for desirable comfort. A medium-soft to medium-firm mattress is ideal for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Mattresses for stomach sleepers should be sturdy enough to keep their spines in proper alignment while still being soft enough to cushion the chest, belly, hips, and knees. Ideal choice would be either a medium-firm or a firm mattress. 

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers need a mattress that can handle all of your sleeping postures. The ideal mattress should offer a balance of malleability and support. The Ideal choice would be a medium-firm or a firm mattress.


What Kind Of Fabric Should I be Looking for?

Cotton, Aloe Vera fabric and Bamboo fabric are versatile fabric materials that support both hot and cool sleepers. These are ideal choices when shopping for a mattress. 

We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. Everyone’s sleep needs are unique and the search for the right mattress looks different for each individual. Take your time and lie down to feel them out before purchasing! 

Dani’s Furniture offers a variety of mattress options, if you need help choosing the right mattress for you, check out our website or give us a call today at (506) 897-1577!

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